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How to increase customer loyalty?

Many people mistakenly believe that the main value for a successful company must be profit. After all, that’s what a company has to work for, right? Actually, not exactly. Profit is only the result of high customer loyalty to your company.

Why is customer loyalty so important?

The answer to this question is incredibly simple. If customers don’t trust your company, there’s no way they’ll agree to provide any sensitive data, which means they can’t make a purchase. If they don’t trust your company, they won’t buy, which means you won’t make a profit and will have to leave the market. Or fight for an insignificant part of it.
Hardly anyone will argue with the fact that product quality plays an important role. Except, in the pursuit of quality, you shouldn’t forget about the brand. How will your potential customer know the quality of your products if they don’t trust your company and won’t buy?
Brand trust is the key to 50% success. Notice how many people are committed to a brand and buy products from a company they trust. Even if they are told from all sides that the quality of products of their favorite brand has dropped to zero, and that, for example, this technique breaks down because of some trifle, they will still continue to buy these very products.
So how do you increase people’s loyalty to your company? Right now, we’re going to give you some tips to help you do just that.

Focus on high quality service

According to Eptica, 63% of customers admit that they are motivated to trust a brand by high quality service and a positive customer experience. The customer comes first. Stick to this rule at all times. Your clients shouldn’t doubt for a moment that your company serves them at the highest level, as it will not do in any other company in the world. The customer should never feel that all you want is to get money from them.
Work to ensure that your company’s product selection process doesn’t become a torture for customers. Work on simplifying the navigation by making it more user-friendly, and think about what else can improve the checkout process so that your customers don’t waste a second of their time.

Communicate with your customers

Connect with your customers through social media. Ask those who have already bought your product how happy they are with their purchase, if there are any points you should improve. Try to respond normally to criticism, because it is criticism that will allow you to improve and become even better.

Always stay in touch with your customers and encourage them for their loyalty

Many companies make the big mistake of forgetting about their customers after the purchase has been made. After all, after the purchase, your relationship with the customer is just the beginning. Visit specialized forums and websites where your brand is discussed and join that discussion. Find out from customers what their concerns are, and try to help find answers to important questions. Create useful content.
Never forget the opportunity to reward your customers with a discount or other interesting bonuses. This step will further show your customers that you value them and care about their continued loyalty to your company.

Give customers a sense of control

One of the main reasons customers give up on purchases is the need to enter a huge amount of data and mandatory sign-ups. Every customer is worried about what you are going to do with their data. In addition, they don’t want to waste time on lengthy registrations.
To eliminate this reason for not shopping, give your customers the choice and opportunity to shop even without creating an account. This way, you’ll let them know that they’re in control and they have the freedom to choose. Also, don’t forget to take care of a secure payment gateway and other proof that the purchase on your site is perfectly safe.

The bottom line

VeriSign, Norton, PayPal. These and other seals of trust placed on the site are believed to greatly increase the likelihood of a purchase, as users are assured that their data will not be used for self-serving purposes. In addition, if you accept Apple Pay, Visa, and other payment systems, also place their icons on your site to increase customer confidence.
If possible, include a money-back guarantee and put the appropriate icon on your site. This way, your customers will feel secure and more likely to make a purchase.
Think about how else you can increase customer loyalty and what problems you need to solve in order not to lose their trust, because it will be very difficult to get it back.

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