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How Quarantine Plays to Small Businesses’ Profit

With the outbreak of COVID-19, more known as “coronavirus”, more and more countries embed quarantine. And despite the delicacy of the situation and the harm for the worldwide economy, the quarantine has some certain benefits a good businessman shouldn’t miss.

crowd of people, medical masks, quarantine

One of the most effective methods of coronavirus prevention appeared to be its avoidance – so now citizens of the countries where the virus was detected try to leave their houses for significant reasons only. The compulsory isolation of millions of people from Italy, China, Brazil, India made a question of in-house entertainment quite acute.

Currently, Netflix, Disney +, Hulu, HBO, iTunes, Amazon, and a variety of other streaming services, podcast platforms, and game servers demonstrate a drastic increase in their income. There’s no surprize in this – people not being able to visit public places, work or study search for alternative ways to spend days or even weeks without boredom.

You can come to help them! The situation brings outstanding opportunities for eCommerce businesses, especially those connected with games, films, gambling, etc. Your income these days can overcome your monthly earnings, so missing this opportunity is almost a crime. Aside from the increased profit, your business can bring actual help to people by making them stay at home instead of visiting public places and raising the risk of catching the dangerous virus.

What businesses should use this opportunity

Online Games

MMORPG, skill games, online tournaments – people adore cooperative games even when they aren’t forced to stay home. At these times co-op games use uttermost popularity: regular players now have more time to spend on their favourite hobby, while people in search of entertainment come across an unknown, therefore, engaging activity and stick up with it.

You might already have a business that is connected to online games – in this case, this week (and, probably, a few next ones) is the best time to advertise your business to more people and receive a powerful response. This is also a fruitful time for businesses that sell game skins, inner game currencies and items, as the demand for games is applied to game garments as well.

Your best strategy would be to:

  • spend more efforts on advertising on Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms where your target audience resides
  • make sure that your business will be able to serve a higher number of clients
  • check the stability of your website and whether it would withstand the great inflow of visitors
  • connect more payment methods that would allow customers to use their local payment services to pay for your games or game items

Following this scheme, you’ll make your business ready to overloads and a high flow of demanding customers. The key to success here is wider geography – you can turn for PayOp help to introduce your business in Latin America, USA, Asia, Europe, and other particular countries.


In numerous countries, shops experience the lack of most basic goods – food, sanitizers, wipes, that are in high demand due to the coronavirus panic. Enormous popularity use face masks and other goods, thanks to which people protect themselves from infection.

empty shelves, product shortage

Online retailers can fit in this far-fetched shortage by providing customers with the listed products, especially if they’re also able to deliver those goods door-to-door.

To be ready for the people bombarding you with orders, you have to:

  • make sure that your context advertisements on Google are on, as soon as people looking for goods online will unfailingly go further and further until they’ll find what they were searching for
  • upgrade the maximum workload of your website by taking into account its expected popularity
  • check the delivery options available in the territory where you sell your products, and get in contact with them to provide a seamless service to your buyers
  • visit your merchant account on PayOp to see whether all of the local payment methods are available on your website


The most unexpected trend of the last few weeks is the software for remote work. Facing a need to work from home, people had to sustain a convenient conference/chatting channels. This is where such applications for workflow management as Asana, Jira, Trello, as well as a bunch of video conferencing applications came to help.

remote work, lazy work

Of course, people are searching for more convenient, cheap and stable alternatives for this popular soft. Catch the train – offer them your products, be it a video chat or a task manager. Keep in mind that thousands of parents are now left with their children, home responsibilities, and work, so your help in spreading the load or keeping children distracted would be invaluable.

And to simplify your users’ lives even more, we recommend making all the payment methods popular in their region available on your website – try using PayOp for this purpose. This will not only boost the customers loyalty to your business, but – expectedly – will raise your sales and reduce shopping cart abandonment rate on your website.

Despite all the miseries the world is currently facing, you can still find a ray of light among this darkness. First of all, the changes associated with the quarantine and the virus promise changes in all areas of our everyday lives, be it work organization or hobbies. Secondly, we are witnessing the blossom of eCommerce, as people – somewhat forcefully – have to become familiar with online shopping. This would only lead to an increase in a regular eCommerce turnover, as well as greater possibilities for merchants from all the corners of the world.

And when the spread of the virus is stopped, the online businesses are expected to reach even more popularity. Make sure to be ready to those times by implementing as many payment methods in your website as possible – PayOp is ready to help you with that and hopes to soon become a part of your trading routine!

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