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How Payop builds partnerships with merchants: Interview with Account Manager Team Lead

In 2023, we at Payop worked on setting up internal processes and expanding our team. A significant part of these efforts was to reorganise and strengthen our account management department. Now, each merchant has a dedicated account manager working under the guidance of Team Lead Iryna Pikhotska. In this short interview, Iryna explains how the work with merchants is organised and what allows the team to respond effectively to any customers’ requests and issues.

 → What are your team’s key responsibilities?

Iryna Pikhotska.: The Payop account managers are the main live connector between the merchant and various departments of the company.

Each manager is the initial contact point after the merchant signs up in our system. First, we help to understand the system, and then we solve any questions that arise or explain the essence of new features and changes. Merchants contact us through the admin panel with their requests and anticipate direct communication, seeking detailed explanations, assistance, and guidance.

In our experience, direct communication with a live representative remains invaluable. Our dedicated account managers are consistently accessible and prepared to provide support whenever needed.

 → How do you build and maintain strong relationships with merchants?

I.P.: Effective communication is based on trust. When we demonstrate a sincere interest and an active position in solving issues, it increases confidence in both the manager and the company as a whole.

 → How do you keep up with industry changes to advise your clients better?

I.P.: Staying updated with industry news is a challenge we all face. In the 21st century, information changes and spreads rapidly. That’s why every team member keeps up with industry news and events and constantly refreshes their knowledge. Team meetings allow us to share information and stay up-to-date on all relevant issues.

 → Are there differences in the approach to working with businesses of different sizes or from different industries?

I.P.: I follow the golden rule in my approach: “Communicate with every single merchant like your future depends on it.”

This slogan allows me to maintain a high level of communication no matter the industry or how big or small the client is.

 → In your experience, what are the most common challenges merchants face when working with payment gateways?

I.P.: Based on my experience, clients often need help grasping our system’s workings and unique features compared to other providers.

To address this, it’s crucial to communicate concisely and clearly, offering brief instructions along with straightforward roadmaps.

 → How do you assist clients in optimising their payment processes for better efficiency?

I.P.: It’s all about the ability to see both the details and the big picture, the skill to analyse the data and communicate the results correctly. We provide statistics explaining what needs to be changed for better conversion with a particular method, work on mistakes that merchants face, and draw their attention to details.

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