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Interview with Payment Analyst Team Lead Oleh Kryher

The world of payments is complex and ever-evolving. But Payop is always one step ahead to ensure your business transactions run smoothly, regardless of location or currency. In this interview, we chat with Oleh Kryher, the Payment Analyst Team Lead at Payop, to get an insider’s look at how they keep things running like clockwork. From handling peak sales periods to offering real-time data reporting and international transaction support, Oleh sheds light on Payop’s capabilities and the dedication of the team behind it.

What responsibilities does your team have?

Oleh Kryher: The primary responsibility of our team is to facilitate smooth transactions for customers globally. We ensure that the payment process is quick, efficient, and free from any hurdles, thus enhancing customer satisfaction and trust in our payment solutions.

Can Payop handle high-volume transactions during peak sales periods without slowdowns?

O.K.: Absolutely, we prioritise maintaining optimal system performance. Our team monitors the system daily and updates it regularly to ensure scalability and reliability, even during peak transaction periods. This proactive approach helps us prevent slowdowns and maintain smooth transaction flows.

Is real-time data reporting available through Payop?

O.K.: We have just deployed a data reporting tool last year. It is designed to provide our clients with full access to transaction data, allowing them to get timely information to make better decisions. Plus we are already working on expanding this tool’s features to grant our merchants access to more functionality.

Does Payop offer support for international transactions?

O.K.: Yes, our platform is designed to facilitate international transactions effectively. We provide comprehensive support for cross-border payments, helping businesses expand their reach globally without the typical complexities associated with international transactions.

What’s the most rewarding part of your job as a Payment Analyst Team Lead?

O.K.: The most fulfilling aspect of my role is the ability to swiftly address and resolve payment issues. The fast-paced environment demands quick problem-solving skills to ensure uninterrupted service. Each challenge provides an opportunity to make a significant impact, not just in rectifying issues but also in contributing to the strategic development of our payment solutions.

What payment methods does Payop support?

O.K.: Payop supports a variety of payment methods to meet different customer preferences and regional requirements. These include credit and debit cards, e-wallets, wire transfers, cash payments, prepaid, cryptocurrency and mobile payments, ensuring that the payment needs of all our customers are fully met.

In which regions does Payop currently operate and what local payment methods are available there?

O.K.: Payop operates across multiple regions, including Asia, Europe, Latin America, Canada, Africa, and Australia. We continuously expand our reach and update our list of supported regions. We also support over 300 local payment methods tailored to regional preferences, such as Fawry, Pay by Revolut, Pay by Bank, CashToCode, Neosurf, PIX, Boleto and Interac, making transactions more accessible for customers in these regions.

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