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Understanding fintech fees: What are you paying for? 

Payop at the Singapore FinTech Festival 

It’s been an active week for the Payop team. From November 15 to November 17, our chief operation officer, Anastasia Semenkova, represented the company at the Singapore FinTech Festival. This world-renowned event annually brings together central banks, regulators and government institutions, as well as major financial and technology companies from around the globe.

The organisers describe the event as a global nexus for innovators, financiers, technologists, and policymakers converging to shape the future of finance. The festival promotes effective global dialogues between the public and private sectors by providing a platform for experts to exchange views on market development, emerging technologies and changes in the regulatory framework.

Attending the festival, Payop highlighted its commitment to innovation in digital payments. All participants had the opportunity to explore Payop’s modern payment platform, designed to empower businesses across various sectors with secure, efficient, and tailored payment solutions.

Throughout the festival, Payop engaged in dynamic discussions with our partners, emphasising the role of adaptable and user-centric payment technologies in driving the future of finance.

You can learn more about Payop activities on our social media: LinkedIn.

Payop at the Singapore FinTech Festival 

Payop at the Singapore FinTech Festival 

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