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UK payment methods 2021

Every country in the world has its own popular payment methods. The United Kingdom is no exception. For this reason, when setting up a business in this country or accepting payments from UK customers, it is important to understand which UK online payment methods exist and which are the most popular.

Popular UK payment methods

The UK e-commerce market is growing rapidly. Here, as in previous years, according to statistics, the most popular are payments with credit and debit cards.
Also popular are amazon UK payment methods.
When setting up your business in this country, you can offer your customers the use of Apple Pay, Klarna, and PayPal.
Let’s take a look at other popular payment methods for purchases right now.


This payment method is enjoyed by buyers and sellers alike. Buyers get to pay for their purchases quickly, easily and conveniently without much effort, while merchants get to quickly accept regular payments from customers, save a lot of money on collection and transfer the money received from customers directly to an account opened at the bank.

Google Pay

Having money on your Google account, you can successfully use cards of one of the world’s most popular payment systems to pay for any purchase. At the same time, customers get the opportunity to pay for their purchases at POS-terminals, as well as to make purchases online using their android-smartphones.


A very popular way to pay not only in the UK, but also in countries such as Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Germany. Also this method of online payment is available in Poland, the Netherlands and Italy.


Thanks to this system sellers have the opportunity to significantly increase the level of conversion through the most modern and popular methods of payment online, as well as closer interaction with customers.
Users can also benefit from the system as they can buy the goods they need right here and now and pay for them later.

Visa and MasterCard

Payment with the cards of these two major systems is popular all over the world, where it is available. Visa makes it possible to pay for goods to customers in 170 countries, and MasterCard in 210 countries.

American Express

Thanks to American Express credit cards you can successfully pay online. At the same time the popularity of these payment cards went far beyond the UK and available almost all over the world.


Thanks to this payment system, customers can pay for purchases from a loaded balance, use the money in their bank account or an existing credit card Visa or MasterCard.
This method of payment is especially appreciated by those people who are used to taking care of their own safety and privacy, not wanting to give even the slightest chance to use their financial information to third parties.

Apple pay

Contactless payment is very popular with shoppers in the UK. It is enough to have a special application in your smartphone for successful completion.
A special wallet of this payment system gives the opportunity to keep all credit and debit card information absolutely safe. Besides, these payments are not only safe, but also convenient, because it is enough to scan your fingerprint with apple touch ID to successfully confirm them.

Direct debit

Paying with direct debit, the buyer authorizes the withdrawal of the purchase amount from his bank account. This allows the transaction to be done not only quickly, but also securely.

The bottom line

For those merchants who are interested in penetrating the UK market, providing a fast and secure payment platform should be a priority. That is why PayOp will offer your customers the opportunity to pay for purchases and products not only by traditional card payments but also by using a wide range of local UK payment solutions.

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