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Nano Influencers on Instagram: Who Are They, and What Do They Offer to Your Business

Social media is a toughie. It might have been an excellent platform for spreading the word about your business a few years ago, but, as for now, you can’t impress users with funny cats or dull sceneries – you have to be creative and adapt to new circumstances.

For many companies, collaborations with famous bloggers used to be the biggest source of conversions. But a lot of things have changed since Instagram and Facebook became so overpacked with advertising that users have practically become immune to them.

So, what should you do now? Well, analyze the situation and seek for possibilities that weren’t exploited by thousands and thousands of other companies. One of those possibilities seems to be nano influencers and their highly engaged and loyal audience.

A piece of theory

There are four categories of Instagram accounts – unofficial, of course, but divided in order to simplify the lives of marketing specialists. There are:

  • nano – users with 1,000-5,000 followers
  • micro – users with 5,000-30K followers
  • power – users with 30K-500K followers
  • celebrities – users with 500K and more followers

In 2013, you normally would contact celebs and spend a couple of thousands to make them promote your service for a week or month in a row. Yet, in 2019, your couple of thousands would only give you one sad post or a few 24-hour Stories – and that’s it.

Instagram Influencer Marketing Price, as for March 2019





Instagram post $100 $172 $502 $2,085
              …video $114 $219 $775 $3,138
              …story $43 $73 $210 $721
YouTube video $315 $908 $782 $3,857
Facebook post $31 $318 $243 $2,400


So, having the same money, you in 2013 and 2019 would get at least ten times fewer conversions, sales, active customers, and engagement in general if turning for help to celebrity Instagram accounts. This is one of the reasons why a profession of marketing specialist becomes more and more complex with each year, as not many businesses are ready to pay so much money having no guarantee that such an integration would bring the expected result.

Biggest marketing challenge statistics graph

You must know the struggle.

Companies that don’t want to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on celebrities came up with a solution. Instead of spending a lot on a few influencers, they decided to spend the same sum on a lot of medium and small public personas. And – surprisingly – that worked out great.

Why nano and micro influencers are more benefitting to your business

So, the tendency is clear – businesses prefer to spread their product among numerous small influencers on Instagram instead of spending all the money on a few accounts with a greater followers number.

In business, such thing is called risk diversification – it is when an investor distributes his money among numerous assets instead of investing in one asset only. This strategy allows compensating the possible losses if one of the assets would turn out to be detrimental. It turns out that mathematics works in all spheres, and Instagram isn’t an exception.

First of all, nano– and micro-influencers are cheap. This means that you can ask small influencers on Instagram for a lot of integrations that are – spoiler – would be extremely engaging and would bring more customers (in percents) rather than posts from celebs. You can see that for a price of one post from the influencer with 500K+ followers, you’ll be able to get twenty posts from a nano influencer.

Secondly, nano bloggers have a great connection with their audience and a greater loyalty reserve. Audience of the popular influencers on Instagram is familiar with regular integrations of cosmetics brands, clothes, food, etc. This leads to the phenomenon we’ve mentioned earlier – advertising blindness.

At the same time, smaller influencers usually didn’t have an opportunity to work with brands, so their audience is unfamiliar with paid posts. In light of this, a heartfelt recommendation of the product – especially if done unobtrusively – would seem genuine and would be accepted less critically by the audience.

Finally, their audience is precisely targeted. “Offer your product to those customers who need it,” is the greatest rule of advertisement, and with nano-influencers integrations, it can be followed much easier. Targeted audience, united by their geographical proximity or similar interests, offers great possibilities to those marketing specialists who are ready to analyze it.

These are the top three reasons why every business should look closer to nano influencers on Instagram as the main brand loud-hailers. Aside from that, keep in mind that nano influencers are usually unpretentious and demand much less from the brand than popular users, so it would be easier to come up with reasonable cooperation conditions that would satisfy both sides of the deal.

Challenges you will face if working with small Instagram bloggers

The sweet comes with the bitter, right?

The biggest problem you’ll face is searching. Due to their small-scale popularity, the task to find Instagram influencers in your niche with the target audience that is interested in your product is a real challenge. Tip: search nano bloggers through very specific tags, or try to analyze the Subscriptions list of the same people who follow Kylie Jenner or Zendaya.

You might even want to write a script for these needs. And, talking about the needs your business would face, keep in mind that the audience of small influencers on Instagram is extremely diverse. You won’t be able to cover all the payment methods your potential clients use with only a few payment methods available on the website. To be accessible to people from all the corners of the world, you might need to consider getting help from PayOp – payment provider with more than 300 payment methods available in 170 countries. Our services will make your business ready for all unexpected situations.

Unluckily, there is no best way to find influencers on Instagram – you have to find your own methods when searching for your future brand representatives. Indeed, there are some aggregated lists of bloggers, that might serve as reference points, yet, when using them, keep in mind that if the information is easy to find, then you’re not the first to use it. If you’re looking for a blogger, who is respected by his audience, you’ll have to do this search on your own.

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