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Turkey Payment Gateway

A virtual payment gateway is a promising way for financiers to make transactions with minimal losses. Now our focus is on online payment gateway in Turkey. Due to its distinctive position, the country operates in two e-commerce markets: Asian and European. Turkish Payment gateways authorize transactions for traditional businesses, online retailers, and e-businesses. Read on about payment providers, and choose the best payment gateway in Turkey.

What are payment gateways?

A payment provider is a monetary institution, which centers on payment solutions. This service automatically accepts, declines, or verifies card processing via secured internet links.

Why you may need a payment gateway?

A payment gateway offers:

  1. Online payment processing.
  2. No fraud risk with credit cards.
  3. Client data privacy.

What is the best payment gateway in Turkey?

We recommend three best payment gateways for Turkey that offer quality service:


  • online companies receive money on webpages
  • worldwide availability, web & mobile payments
  • wide-ranging payment methods and fraud prevention


  • the international payment gateway for Turkey
  • multi-currency, multi-language payment methods
  • personalized payment & checkout options


  • A+ rating & BBB accreditation
  • unified payment page protected from fraud
  • credit & debit cards accepted

Cards are the leading payment method for Turkish customers. Moreover, Turkey’s location attracts further growth in its e-business, as it acts as a global hub for merchants.

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