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How Payop can benefit Swedish gaming companies

As the Swedish gaming industry is growing at a furious pace, it has become increasingly important for gaming companies to focus on their payment methods. Modern players value not only high-quality software and good customer service but also fast and secure payments, both to and from websites.

Payments are one of the most important focus areas of gaming companies today, partly because their goal is to reach as many players as possible, but also to offer a safe gaming experience.

Many casinos offer few payment methods

With the help of the Swedish comparison site, we noticed that many new Swedish casinos only provide a few payment methods for their users. Some of them even offer only one payment service, which can have negative consequences, both for the player, but also for the gaming company.

If a casino offers too few payment methods, it is not uncommon for players to search for a platform with more options. For example, it has become more common for Swedish gaming sites to only offer deposits and withdrawals via Trustly. At the same time, many still prefer transactions with bank cards or e-wallets.

Expensive and cumbersome

The vast majority of casinos most likely want to offer as many payment options as possible, because this will, after all, improve the profitability of the business. More payment methods mean that more players can find an alternative they feel comfortable with.

At the same time, several factors can prevent casino sites from introducing more payment methods, where costs are the most important. Collaborating with many different payment providers is not cheap and therefore many gaming companies choose to use only the least expensive alternatives.

Apart from the fact that it is expensive to offer a large selection of payment methods, it can also be very cumbersome. The casino needs to enter into an agreement with each separate supplier and integrate its payment system on their website, which takes time while it is energy-intensive.

PayOp – a smoother alternative

PayOp is a modern payment provider that can simplify the payment companies’ payment processes in several ways. Companies are given access to a payment platform with over 300 international payment methods that they can use to reach even more players, without having to enter into agreements with several different operators separately. In this way, they can increase profitability and at the same time avoid unnecessary administration.

Some of the most popular payment methods right now are VISA, Mastercard, Trustly, Klarna, and Paysafecard. Using Payop is completely secure, both for the company and the customer, as the platform uses encrypted connections. Creating an account is also completely free of charge and takes no more than a few minutes.

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