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How to Get a Shopify Payment Gateway?

Payment Gateway for WHMCS

Multifunctional control panel WHMCS is a universal solution for administering various types of business. WHMCS provides a single, centralized platform for managing your telecom business, even around the world.

The WHMCS advantages

  1. WHMCS is one of the most popular control systems for hosting business owners. The company provides its services to clients from more than 90 countries worldwide.
  2. The services that WHMCS provides help clients organize and automate all aspects of their business, from registration to billing, technical support, and recurring payments.
  3. Frequent updates. The platform is constantly being updated. The company releases updates every few months to help streamline business processes. This is largely due to customer feedback.
  4. Community. In addition to the documentation on the website, there is a series of training videos on the company’s YouTube profile. Besides, on the community page, you can always find the answer you are interested in from experienced webmasters.
  5. Qualified technical support in Russian and English.

WHMCS features

  1. Customer Accounting – Support for currencies of different countries of the world, the ability to track taxes, one-time and regular payments, billing, built-in ticket system for customer support.
  2. Automation – payment processing; refund; check for fraud; creation, modification and management of products / services; registration, transfer, renewal and management of domain names.
  3. Ease of Use – Simple and intuitive interface; fast download, easy installation and efficient support.
  4. Products / services – free, one-time and recurring payments, late payment interest, customizable additional user data and fields.
  5. Support – built-in ticket system (messaging system), knowledge base, file uploads, announcements and alerts about problems and planned works.
  6. Modules – creation, suspension, renewal, deletion, switching to other tariffs, SSL certificates, domains, IP addresses, shared hosting, dedicated servers. server name, etc.
  7. Customizable – front-end and back-end, order forms, languages ​​and CSS styles Convenience for developers – templates for developing modules and internal events, API.

WHMCS partners with over 50 payment gateways and provides detailed payment analytics and reports on all payment transactions. To select and integrate the required payment solution, please follow “Setup” – “Payments” – “Payment Gateways” and choose one from the list.

Why PayOp?

PayOp payment gateway provides solutions for most modern website and platform builders.

Among the solutions provided by the payment processor:

  1. A global payment platform that enables merchants to integrate over 300 payment methods for 170 countries;
  2. Many payment instruments, as well as types of payments (card acquiring, international and local e-wallets, Internet banking, cash, terminals, bank transfers);
  3. The ability to withdraw consolidated funds in more than 10 ways to any country, except for sanctions;
  4. Free integration with your Internet resource;
  5. Currency conversion in real time;
  6. Modern anti-fraud tools.

To integrate WHMCS with PayOp, you need to use REST API methods. In addition, PayOp plans to develop a special module for accelerated integration with WHMCS. To speed up the development of such a module, we would appreciate your answers to the questions below:

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