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X-Cart website builder

Until recent years, creating a website was considered a very complex process that required deep knowledge of both HTML and programming. However, these times are long gone. Now absolutely any user has the opportunity to create a professional website without having any programming skills.

Website builders are special platforms that allow you to create websites of any complexity in just a few hours.

Today we are going to talk about one of the most popular of them – X-Cart.

What is X-Cart?

X-Cart is a popular online resource creation platform that offers various features for successfully launching an online business. The platform is perfect for both small and large businesses. It also offers hosting services.

X-Cart benefits

X-Cart provides many methods to automate most of the store’s processes.
Here are some of them:

Product management.

The platform allows the business owner to track the entire range of products. Besides, the system allows you to see the best-selling products or the most unpopular. It will allow you to quickly replenish warehouses and avoid delays.

Hassle-free ordering process

Using X-Cart, a site administrator can easily edit a customer order right from the admin panel. Products can also be sold on various marketplaces like eBay.


The security of an online store should always come first as the business owner deals with the payment data of customers. The platform provides sites with SSL certificate support, Google reCAPTCHA and fraud protection methods. Apart from this, your site will also be PCI DSS compliant.

Theme customization

The platform provides ready-made themes for different business requirements. All themes are open source. It means that you can customize the functionality of the site to suit your needs.

Delivery process

X-Cart has partnerships with many major suppliers, including FedEx, Australia Post, UPS, etc. The user can also automatically calculate the shipping cost, and the merchant can also set fixed shipping costs depending on the cost or weight of the product.


The X-Cart community is a forum consisting of both professional developers and amateurs who are ready to help at any time.

Besides, X-Cart support is available 24/7.

Advanced services for e-commerce sites

X-Cart offers various additional services such as SEO optimization, content transfer from any platform to X-Cart, etc.

Payment gateway for X-Cart

Every business owner is often faced with the task of choosing a payment gateway. Of course, before signing an agreement with a processing company, you need to make a careful selection among similar services and choose the one that suits you best.

We recommend PayOp.

PayOp is an international business provider that provides its services all over the world (except for sanctioned countries).

PayOp benefits:

  1. Local acquiring of bank cards;
  2. More than 300 payment methods, thanks to which customers will be able to pay for goods by a method convenient for them;
  3. Dynamic currency conversion. Conversion takes place in real time;
  4. The ability to work with high-risk industries;
  5. Fast project verification;
  6. More than 10 withdrawal options.

The bottom line

PayOp provides solutions to merchants of all sizes at competitive rates. Besides, we have solutions for fast and comfortable integration with most CRM systems.

If you have any questions, please contact us. You can also register a free account in our system right now.

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