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Website requirements to get a payment gateway

Let’s be honest, if your company does not allow customers to use electronic payments to pay for goods and services, it will simply remain without profit. In order to successfully accept payments through your company’s website, it must meet some requirements of MasterCard and Visa payment systems, as well as some state rules.
Following these requirements is not difficult, but if at least some of them are not met, your application to create a merchant account will not be approved.
Right now, we will list the main requirements for websites, which should be remembered by all companies that want to accept payments through their website.

1. Real content only

Dummy Latin text is often used when creating a website. It does not provide any semantic load and says absolutely nothing to clients about the company’s activity. At the time of application, some companies forget to delete this text and fill their site with information about themselves and their activities. If you also make this mistake, and you have a fictitious text on your site, your application may not be approved. So first, fill in your site with useful and real content. This is the only way payment systems and your clients can be sure that your company really exists.

2. Confirmation that all services and goods offered by the company are real.

Your website must indicate the actual products that you offer to your customers, as well as prices. If the range of goods you offer is very wide, you only need to specify at least some of them. The main thing is that the auditing organizations make sure that your products really exist and that customers can buy them.

3. The name of the company must be in a prominent place

Clients do not need to spend 10-20 minutes to browse through your entire site and find name of your company. In addition, the company name on your site must be the same or partially the same as the name that was specified for the seller’s account. Your customers must know exactly who they are dealing with.

4. No refund policy? Cancellation guaranteed

It is not so important which part of your site will have a refund policy. The most important thing is that it is there and clients can find it. The buyer should be sure that he has the opportunity to terminate the contract with the company within 7 days after the purchase. In addition, you should describe what actions the buyer should take if he wants a refund for the purchase.

5. Having contact information

Be sure that your website displays all the contact details that customers can contact you with. This applies to e-mail, customer service phone number, and support e-mail. In addition, MasterCard and Visa require that the address specified in the founding document of the company be displayed on its website.

6. Logos of accepted cards

Be sure to make sure that your website clearly displays the logos of payment instruments that your customers can use to make payments. It’s best if customers see these logos when they enter the store, and they will immediately understand how they can pay for the goods they are interested in.

7. No complicated and incomprehensible navigation.

Even if this is the first time a client has entered your site, they must quickly understand everything. Clear and understandable navigation is an important requirement for the site, and this does not apply only to those companies that want to accept electronic payments. Think for yourself, would you like to waste your precious time and try to understand where on the site there is a section you are interested in, when the clear navigation was taken care of by other companies with no less attractive conditions?

8. Professional appearance of the site

The site is the face of the company and in no case should not be allowed to look unprofessional, as if it was made by a schoolboy, not professional developers. Customers feel it like no one else, and it is unlikely that they will want to stay on such a site for a long time, not to mention the goals with which most often made unprofessional sites.
These are the basic requirements that your site must meet. Create your site not only to connect electronic payments, but first of all, for their customers to be convenient to find the necessary goods, and it was just nice to stay on your site for a long time.

If you need to connect electronic payments for payment, our company is already ready to offer you more than 350 most popular ways. We work with all companies, as well as provide our services in more than 170 countries, except for sanctions. PayOp guarantee the most favorable conditions and secure payments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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