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 The current situation with Hong Kong payment gateway

Entrepreneurs and founders of startups in Hong Kong have a wide range of payment gateways. Some of them are focused only on Hong Kong, some are also working in other Asia-Pacific countries. Popular in the U.S. and European countries Stripe system in limited mode is also offered as a payment gateway Hong Kong. Payment acceptance through Stripe is available to companies that have registration and bank accounts in Hong Kong. Braintree is an online payment gateway Hong Kong, ideal for those merchants whose majority of customers use PayPal. Continuing the payment gateway comparison Hong Kong, we tell about 2Checkout. This is one of the most popular ways to receive payments from bank cards. eWAY is a company from Australia, whose influence is expanding to Oceania and Southeast Asia. Its advantages are in software integration with ecommerce platforms and the availability of accounting software. AsiaPay is almost unknown outside of Hong Kong, but is popular with local merchants. The ability to process payments from mainland China is extremely important for successful commerce in Hong Kong. For integration with the site, a good solution is woocommerce payment gateway Hong Kong.

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