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How to choose the best Philippines payment gateway

The Philippines archipelago has more than 7000 islands. This geography determines the special importance of eCommerce and the need for convenient payment gateway Philippines. For local merchants who accept payments in the peso, the best payment gateway Philippines is PesoPay. Office in Philippines of AsiaPay offers convenient integration with most popular eCommerce platforms, processing payments from bank cards and through electronic systems. The largest financial institutions in the country also use this platform. Philippines payment gateway PayTabs will be more interesting for those who do business internationally. This payment gateway in Philippines allows accepting payments not only in the peso, but also in 168 world currencies. PayTabs has convenient solutions for those who are engaged in eCommerce without a website. API allows you to easily and quickly process payments from mobile devices. Smart Money and GCash is an online payment gateway Philippines that allows you to accept payments via SMS. Own payment system 7 Connect uses a popular network of supermarkets 7 Eleven in the Philippine archipelago. The cryptocurrency platform is successfully operating on the Philippine market.

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