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What are mass payments?

New Zealand Payment Gateway

To deal with your finances it is important not to overlook the online payments ecosystem. A payment gateway enables the platform to progress efficiently via online operations. As an entrepreneur, you may be looking for alternative payment means, so selecting the right service can save your funds. You should understand the basics of how a payment gateway NZ works, and all the profits or risks that complements it.

Check out what a payment gateway is, why you may need one, and how to pick the best service in New Zealand.

What are payment gateways?

An e-commerce service, which processes, verifies, or declines credit card processing or direct transactions using protected internet connections, is called a payment gateway. This is usually a financial institution, which focuses on reimbursement solutions. A provider collects the funds from the client’s smart card and then deposits the cash into his account.

Why does your company need a payment gateway?

Utilizing a payment provider is beneficial for some reasons:

  •  It helps reduce the risk of bankcard fraud within the online business.
  • This method lets suppliers perform online operations.
  • The provider guarantees the privacy of customer data.
  •  It is stress-free, as most remote purchasers know how it works.

What is the best payment gateway in New Zealand?

Finding a trustworthy payment service provider amid a range of monetary institutions is an overwhelming task. However, many services offer quality processing at affordable prices.

We recommend three cheapest payment gateway NZ:


  •         The transaction fee ranges from 2.4 – 3.4% plus 45 cents.
  •         The Paypal payment gateway NZ does not require any monthly or setup fees.
  •         The service covers 17 main currencies comprising EUR, US$, NZ$, and AU$.

Poli Pay

  •         The trader gets instant reports for present-time operations after the clients pay online.
  •         The advantage if the service is only a 1% fee for operations.


  •         This NZ payment gateway entails a setup fee of $240 and a yearly fee – $435.
  •         The transaction fee is 4.5%. The service covers multiple currencies.

You can find further information on payment gateways NZ on websites like PayOp or PayPal. The process is easy: you need to register to access the payment platform. It takes less than 3 business days to complete the verification process.

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