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The best Payment Gateways in Singapore 2020

PayOp experts have completed a list of the best payment gateway solutions in Singapore in 2020 after extensive research. We’ve analyzed information about transaction fees, setup costs, service requirements. So what is the best Singapore Payment Gateway?

First, let’s define what is a payment gateway. This is a hardware and software complex that allows you to automate the process of accepting payments on the Internet. The payment gateway is developed by the payment system, which defines its specification and its responsibility for the support.

Singapore E-commerce Payments Gateways: which payment gateways are in the top 3 ranking

The rating of the most popular payment gateways in Singapore includes – Stripe, CyberSource, Red Dot.


The US company payment solution provider allows both individuals and businesses to accept payments over the Internet. Stripe offers its services in majority countries such as the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Asia, and other countries.


The second place is taken by the online payment gateway of Singapore CyberSource, which allows you to accept card payments and alternative payments through all sales channels – mobile, online stores, points of sale, call center. But as for call centers, it can be used either domestically or worldwide.

Red Dot (RDP)

RDP is amazing!  Available Red Dot technologies will allow the company to move to a new stage. The payment gateway offers online payment solutions for physical stores, virtual storefronts, etc. RDP’s focus on e-commerce is rewarding – it allows the payment system to attract more and more clients every day.

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