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Payment Gateway Belize

The state of Belize, located in Central America in Caribbean, belongs to a cohort of profitable, affordable, and convenient countries for doing business globally.

As you know, payment gateways facilitate connection between a website or online store, payment processor, and the bank that issued the credit card to make the purchase. Security is a core component of the Belize payment gateway, so each transaction between the merchant and the issuing bank is encrypted to protect valuable financial information.

The business sector, along with companies working under license agreements to operate in Belize, continually improves e-commerce and payment technologies and the quality of data exchange, including safety of payment gateway.

The special International Financial Services Commission controls the activities of financial firms registered and operating in the state. Its activity envisages checking the company compliance with the current legislation with the subsequent issuance of a license. The requirements are very strict. Therefore, only financial providers with transparent policies can get approval from the regulator.

The body helps to prevent scammers from interfering with Belize high risk payment gateway and spot illegal attempts to obtain a license.

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