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The Best of Indonesia Payment Gateways

The Best of Adult Payment Gateway

As the online adult entertainment industry has grown exponentially in recent years, payment gateways have emerged to help them perform well. Among the most popular payment gateways for supporting adult content, Cardinity and CCBill stands out. The details can be read in the article.

Despite their immense popularity, adult entertainment websites are considered risky. Why? The main reason is conflicting content and high risk of chargebacks. Still, there are already reliable payment gateways that this industry is best suited to work with.

Payment gateway adult: Cardinity and CCBill

No1 – Cardinity

Cardinity is a perfect payment solution for websites with adult content. It supports work in the following areas: products for adults, phone services for adults, websites with videos and images for adults.

The Cardinity usage benefits: 

  1. Verified by Visa / Mastercard SecureCode protection for each merchant;
  2. there is an instruction to prevent chargebacks;
  3. it is possible to process recurring card payments and automatically debit funds from your customers’ cards.

No2 – CCBill

CCBill payment gateway has been used for over 20 years. It now processes payments for over 30,000 websites worldwide. If Cardinity is one of the relatively new payment gateways, then CCBill has long established itself in the industry and has established itself as the most reliable player.

The CCBill usage benefits:

  • offers a complete e-commerce solution;
  • offers a complete protection against fraud;
  • there are risk management services;
  • there is a huge number of tools and features that are important for such websites for adults;
  • the payment gateway allows users to buy additional content in express mode, which is very important for such a topic and monetization with a per-minute payment;
  • provides global coverage with a variety of international payment methods.

There are quite a few payment gateways which support adult content, but few can boast of being reliable and successful for years. Today we have mentioned a newer payment gateway and the one that has already established itself in the industry over the years. If, for some reason, these payment gateways didn’t suit you, use the alternative options – Epoch and Zombaio.

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