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Meet PayDo – a new prime and convenient PayOp withdrawal method

Today we want to present one of our new solutions, which helps to withdraw funds from a PayOp account in a more convenient way.
Meet PayDo – international online banking that allows users to receive and send payments to various businesses and individuals. In addition, the company provides a European IBAN opening service for UK and International customers.

What is the advantage of withdrawing funds to PayDo?

  • Fast and straightforward registration;
  • Immediate withdrawal of funds (funds are credited from PayOp to the PayDo wallet account on the same day);
  • You can easily get a European IBAN and process funds through SEPA/Target2 with minimal fees or withdraw funds to your bank account, Visa or Mastercard worldwide;
  • Low commissions: only 2% + 2 EUR;
  • You can quickly and commission-free transfer funds to the wallets of other PayDo users;
  • PayDo cooperates with many online stores. Users can pay for goods and services.

How can I withdraw funds to my PayDo wallet using PayOp?

To complete the withdrawal procedure, follow these steps:

  • Register an account in the PayDo system
  • Verify your PayDo account;
  • After the verification process, you will be assigned a “Payment reference” (Located in Bank Details, you will need it for transfer in the future)
    • In your PayOp account, follow the “withdrawal of funds” section;
    • Select a withdrawal method (PayDo);
    • Enter the amount;
    • Enter the identification code.

Services provided by PayDo Wallet

  • Remote opening of the European IBAN for non-residents. Access to SEPA, SWIFT and Target2 payments;
  • Online wallet;
  • Mass Payouts;
  • Since PayDo is neo banking, this means that the organization provides all standard banking services:
    • Cashless payments;
    • Conversion of the national currency into the currency of other countries and vice versa;
    • Information and consulting services.
  • Payment gateway;
  • Merchant account with more than 350 payment methods;
  • Receiving and sending funds in any currency.

Happy payments!

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