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The Best of Canada Payment Gateway

There is quite an impressive rating from the list of payment gateways that are popular in Canada. From the entire list, we have identified two leaders – they are Square and Stripe. You can read the details in the article from PayOp.

Payment gateway in Canada: Square and Stripe

Square is the best payment gateway in Canada and has proven itself as the industry leader since 2009.

The benefits of Square – best payment gateway in Canada:

  • mPOS;
  • no payment for the equipment cost;
  • no discharge fees, monthly hogs and monthly minimum;
  • there is a virtual terminal;
  • there is a possibility of storing cards, invoicing;
  • online order is possible;
  • a good analytics system.

One of the best payment gateways in Canada is Stripe. Why? Mostly because Stripe has always strived and pursued the empowerment of online business. The implementation took place by means of adding excellent development tools and unique solutions to the work for most online companies.

The benefits of Stripe – online payment gateway in Canada:

  1. leading companies in the industry work with this payment gateway (Lyft, Wish, Blue Apron);
  2. the possibilities of the payment gateway are endless. Stripe helps businesses process and share in-app payments, use advanced reporting tools.
  3. the payment gateway has excellent trading and subscription tools;
  4. there are no annual charges for maintenance and installation.
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