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The Best of Indonesia Payment Gateways

There are a lot of payment service providers in Indonesia, but now we are going to tell you about the most popular ones – Indonesian National payment gateway and iPay88. You can find more details in the article from PayOp.

Payment gateways of Indonesia

No1 – NPG (Indonesian national payment gateway)

First of all, it is worth remembering the National payment gateway of Indonesia. Indonesians prefer it this year because of the huge list of advantages in use. Let’s list them.

The main benefits of NPG – best payment gateway in Indonesia:

  1. the ecosystem of the payment system is interconnected, interoperable;
  2. the NPG ecosystem is capable of processing transactions, including authorization, etc;
  3. complete consumer protection, protection of customer transaction data during each payment or funds transfer.

No2 – iPay88

The second payment gateway popular in Indonesia is iPay88. It especially rose in the ranking among users in current 2020. So what advantages of the payment gateway have contributed to this? Why do WooCommerce and not only give preference to it?

Payment gateway in Indonesia: WooCommerce and others choose iPay88, but why?

  • the payment gateway is a provider of services for online payments;
  • payment gateway offers minimal installation, maintenance, and so on;
  • a fast billing period is guaranteed;
  • you will not face any hidden costs.

There are other great alternatives to the above payment gateways in Indonesia as well. Consider this option if, for some reason, NPG and iPay88 didn’t suit you – choose 2d payment gateway in Indonesia or credit card payment gateway there.

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